Welcome to our Announcements and Updates Page.  

Check here for any information on shipping delays, new products and any other news!


2/1 - P&G have been restocked for shipping to begin 2/4.


1/7/21 - Sorry we have been MIA with the announcements.  It was a strange/busy end of year for our family.  Lots of changes and had first holiday without a loved one.

Please bear with us - 1/3 final orders were dropped today.  Due to USPS delays (our paper suppliers shipped on time) we received our inserts 3 days late.  I actually had two others regions to offer but could not get a solid received date.  Stock will be updated after the last of the new orders are completed today.  Thanks for your patience and returning to us in 2021.


9/13 - Any orders placed for early ship 9/13 inserts, please check your email for updates.


8/16 - Due to family vacation - we will not have Saturday shipping.  Shipping is Friday and Monday night.  


8/3 -  This was a super HOT week - we have zero'd out current insert stock until all orders have been filled.  We will update stock later tonight when done.  Thanks for your orders!


8/2 - Hoping everyone is safe and having a good summer in all this heat LOL.  This has been a hot selling week and after orders are filled all by Monday night, we will be doing a stock count and restocking with some of the ones we can still acquire.  We also had a delay with a box of the MO inserts which has caused some shipping delays til Monday.   Thanks for your patience.


6/3 - We have opened up our shipping days back to normal as long and rioting does not delay us or the COVID19 Pandemic does not get worse again.  We will remained on a more limited region basis until all is clear and others start shipping again too.


4/18 - The MO inserts that was expected to arrive for Fri/Sat shipping had a postal delay and will not be here until Monday shipping.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Email if this is a problem.


4/6 - Due to holiday week - shipping will resume next week.  Have a Happy Easter!!


3/25 - Due to the current virus situation and some suppliers taking a break - we have reduced stock until the situation gets eradicated.  All stock is on a first come basis.


3/19 - This is a week that is inconsistant for RMN.  All regions are sold as sets if applicable.  PA and IL are sets - MO, OH, GA, TX are individual inserts.  Lets hope that for 3/29 we can get back to normal.


3/12 - As mentioned earlier, we had a passing in the Capri's Coupon Family (my husband)  The funeral services are Saturday the 14th.  Orders will resume shipping Monday the 16th.  Thanks for your understanding and prayers shared.


3/1 - Last week was tough and we want to thank our customers for your patience.  First our March PG w/Tide took a tour cross country which resulted in me receiving an empty box....I had to order a new box replacement.  THEN Tragedically we had a passing.  As of tomorrow I will be 100% caught up on all orders and going forward should be on schedule.  Again, thank you for all the well wishes and understanding.  Have a great week, Kim.


2/22 - shipping has been delayed due to a Medical ER Emergency - I will update if I make it home to get the orders out today.  Thanks for your patience.  UPDATE:  Hubby passed away on Saturday.  Its been rough.  This is my business though and my livelyhood....I will not let it faulter - just please bear with me for the next day while I finish up orders....I am hoping the PG w/Tide arrive today....apparently they took a detour across the states for a mini vacation.


2/13 - Week of 2/16 is a RetailMeNot only week.  Most of the regions do not have big we chose our most popular and only listed those this week.  The 2/9 Clipped have been updated and 2/16 Clipped will be ready on Friday.


2/2 - Clipped Coupons are now listed for Sunday 2/2!


1/28/20 - There was a delay with Monday shipping, we had a medical emergency but all order are out now.  Thanks.


1/22/20 - The 1/26 insert week has LOTS of hot coupons again.  Massive SSs, Unilever & Beauty Picks inserts.  The GA region's second RMN was so small we are selling them as a set for less.  The MO region only received one RMN.  The combo packs will also be listed this week once we secure the regions that will be available.  We have also updated our shipping rates to match the increase for USPS.


1/12/20 - The return of the combo packs have been great.  The 1/12 and 1/19 inserts do not have a big enough difference to warrant the combo we will have them again when different regions have lots of different options.


12/30/19 - We sold out of all early shipping options - more regions are being added today - check back if you don't see them yet.


12/30/19 - COMBO Packs are coming back!!  We are going to have listed by this weekend our multiregion combo pack (once I secure how many regions we will offer)  It will be a limited amount offered to slowly get the ball rolling on these again.  Don't Miss Out - Check back Friday for the listing.


12/28/19 - 9pm - we are selling out already.....more listed by Sun/Monday.


12/28/19 - Early Ship Smartsource will be available for 12/30 shipping.  There are two versions available and to start 2020 out right - They are BIG!!  We also have early P&G listed too.


12/15/19 - USPS 2020 Postal Holidays added to blog -