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Always $2/1 Discreet Incontinence Prodcut excludes other always products and trial/travel (9/28) PG 8/25

Always $1/1 Radiant, Infinity, Pure, Ultra, or maxi pads 11ct or higher ( excludes always liners and always discreet and ets) (9/28 pG 8/25

Cascade $.25/1 Dishwasher detergent or Rinse Aid OR Dishwasher cleaner ets (9/7) PG 8/25

Charmin $.25/1 Flushable Wipes (excludes 10ct and ets) (9/7) PG 8/25

Crest $1/1 Mouthwash 473ML (16oz) or larger ets (9/7) PG 8/25

Crest $2/1 Toothpaste 3oz or more (excludes Cavity, Regular, Baking Soda, Tartar control/Protection, F&W Pep Gleem, Kids and ets) (9/7) PG 8/25

Dawn $1/2 Ultra Dishwashing Liquid Products OR Dawn Platinum Foam ( excludes Simply clean and ets) (9/7) PG 8/25

Downy $3/1 WrinkleGuard Liquid Fabric Conditioner 40 oz or larger, Downy WrinkleGuard Sheets 80ct or larger or one Bounce WrinkleGuard Sheets 80 ct or larger ( excludes Downy Natural Blends, Downy In-Wash scent boosters, downy infusions, down unstopables, fresh product, downy libre Enjuague and ets) (9/28) PG 8/25

Downy $2/1 WrinkleGuard Liquid Fabric Conditioner 25oz or Downy WrinkleGuard Sheet 40 to 60 ct or bounce WrinkleGuard Sheets 40 to 60 ct OR Bounce Rapid Touch-Up 3 in 1 spray 9.7 oz (excludes Downy Natural Blends, Downy In Wash Scent Boosters, Downy Infusions, Downy Unstopables, Fresh Protect, Downy Libre Enjuague and ets) (9/28) PG 8/25

Downy $2/1 Liquid Fabric Conditioner 72ld or larger (includes Downy Natural Blends 67oz or larger or Downy Odor Product 48oz or larger) OR Bounce/Downy Sheets 130ct or larger OR In-Wash Scent Boosters 8.6oz or larger (includes Downy Unstopables, Infusions, Fresh Product and Odor protect) (excludes Gain/fireworks, dreft blissfuls, downy/bounxce wrinkleguard, downy libre enjuague and ets) (9/21) pg 8/25

Downy $1/1 Liquid Fabric conditioner 48ld to 60ld (includes downy infusions, downy nature blends 44oz and downy odor protect 32oz) OR Bounce/Downy Sheets 70ct to 120ct or In-Wash Scent Boosters 5.7 oz (includes downy unstopables, infusions, fresh protect, odor protect and dreft blissfuls) (excludes gain fireworks, downy/bounce wrinkleguard, downy libre Enjuague and ets) (9/21) PG 8/25

Dreft $2/1 Newborn or Dreft Active Baby Detergent or Dreft Pure Laundry Detergent ets (9/28) PG 8/25

Febreeze Buy One Product Get one product FREE (up to $3) ets (9/28) PG 8/25

Febreeze Get one plug scented oil warmer FREE ( up to $3) ets (9/7) PG 8/25

 Fixodent $2.50/1 Adhesive twin or triple pack 1.4 oz or larger ets (9/7) PG 8/25

Gain $2/2 dishwashing liquid products 21.6 oz or larger (excludes 8oz and ets) (9/7) PG 8/25

Gillette $3/1 Disposable 2ct or larger (excludes Sensor 2ct and Venus products) (9/28) PG 8/25

Gillette $2/1 Razor (excludes Disposables, Venus Products and ets) (9/28) PG 8/25

Gillette $1/1 Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 3.8oz or larger (9/7) PG 8/25

Head & Shoulders $3/2 Product 10oz+ or  Royal Oils ets (9/7) PG 8/25

Head & Shoulders $1/1 Product 10oz + or Royal OIils ets (9/7) PG 8/25

Herbal Essence $3/2 BIO:renew Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling products (excludes masks, 100ml shamoo and conditioner, color, body wash and trial/travel) (9/7) PG 8/25

Luvs $1/1 Diapers ets (9/7) PG 8/25

Metamucil $1/1 Fiber Supplement Product (excludes fiber thins and ets) (9/7) PG 8/25

Mr. Clean $.50/1 Product ets (9/7) PG 8/25

Olay $1/1 Skin Care Product ets (9/28) PG 8/25

Olay $2/1 Eyes Product excludes prox eye restoration complex etes (9/28) PG 8/25

Olay $2/1 Regenerist Facial Moisturizer ets (9/28) PG 8/25

Olay $1/2 Bar Soap 4ct or larger, Body Wash, Hand and Body Lotion or in-shower body lotion (excludes 1 bar and ets) (9/14 PG 8/25

Old Spice $1/2 Hair Products ets (9/7) PG 8/25

Old Spice $1/2 Anti Perspirant/Deodorant, Body Wash or Bar Soap Excludes twin packs, high endurance and trial/travel (9/7) PG 8/25

Oral-B $1/1 Adult Manual Toothbrush (excludes kids, healthy clean, , Cavity defense and ets) (9/7) {G 8/25

Pampers $3/2 Bags  OR one box of Pampers Diapers OR Easy ups Training Underwear ets (9/7) PG 8/25

Pampers $3/2 bags or ONE box of pampers easy ups Training underwear OR UnderJams Absorbent Night Wear ets (9/7) PG 8/25

Pantene $5/3 Products including Gold Series Collection ets (9/7) PG 8/25

Pantene $1/1 Product including Gold Series Collection ets (9/7) PG 8/25

Pantene $2/1 Styler or Treatment ets (9/7) PG 8/25

Prilosec $2/1 OTC product (9/7) PG 8/25

Puffs $.25/1 Facial tissues (excluding Multi-Packs, Puffs to go or singles or ets) (9/7) PG 8/25

Secret $2/1 Clinical 1.6oz or larger (9/7) PG 8/25

Secret $1/2 Fresh, Outlast OR Aluminum Free 2.4oz or larger (9/7) PG 8/25

Sinex $1/1 Product (ets) (9/28) PG 8/25

Tampax $1/1 Pearl, Radiant or Pure tampons ( 14ct or higher) (9/28) PG 8/25

Tide $2/1 Pods excludes Tide Liquid/Powder Laundry Detergent, Tide Simply, Tide Simply Pods, Tide Pods 9ct or smaller and trial/travel (9/21) PG 8/25

Tide $2/1 Detergent or Tide Pure Clean or Tide Antibacterial Spray excludes Tide Pods, Tide Rescue, Tide Simply, Tide Simply Pods, Tide Detergent 10oz, Studio by Tide ets  (9/28) SS 8/25

Tide $2/1 Studio excludes Tide Pureclean, Tide Pods, Tide Rescue, Tide Simply, Tide Simply Pods, Tide Laundry Detergent ets (9/28) PG 8/25

Vaporub $1/1 or Baby Rub, Vapoinhaler, vapopatch or vapocream product excludes vapocool products and ets (9/14) PG 8/25

Venus $3/1 or Daisy Disposables 2ct or larger (excludes Daisy 2ct) (9/28) PG 8/25

Venus $2/1 Razor (excludes disposables) (9/28) PG 8/25

Vicks $3/2 Dayquil, Nyquil, Sinex or Vaporub products excludes 8ct Dayquil and Nyquil ets (9/14) PG 8/25

Vicks $1/1 VapoCOOL drops ( excludes VapoRub. ZzzQuil, PureZzzs and ets) (9/14) PG 8/25

Vicks $1/1 DayQuil OR NyQuil Product ( excludes 8ct DayQuil and NyQuil and ets) (9/28) PG 8/25

ZZZQuil $1/1 or Pure ZZZs product (9/7) PG 8/25

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