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1/12/19 - The return of the combo packs have been great.  The 1/12 and 1/19 inserts do not have a big enough difference to warrant the combo we will have them again when different regions have lots of different options.


12/30/19 - We sold out of all early shipping options - more regions are being added today - check back if you don't see them yet.


12/30/19 - COMBO Packs are coming back!!  We are going to have listed by this weekend our multiregion combo pack (once I secure how many regions we will offer)  It will be a limited amount offered to slowly get the ball rolling on these again.  Don't Miss Out - Check back Friday for the listing.


12/28/19 - 9pm - we are selling out already.....more listed by Sun/Monday.


12/28/19 - Early Ship Smartsource will be available for 12/30 shipping.  There are two versions available and to start 2020 out right - They are BIG!!  We also have early P&G listed too.


12/15/19 - USPS 2020 Postal Holidays added to blog