Current Whole Inserts

All items are now listed as single inserts so that you may purchase the quantity you need exactly. 

Check Back Tues - evenings for stock updates

The Regions Available most weeks are -  NJ, CA, OH, PA, KS, OH, OR, TX, and MI - they are added early for PreOrders once confirmed. Others are added as available (NC, NY, IL, VA, WA, TN, MA, GA, FL, MN, SC) 

Some regions are only available in the combo packs based on availability each week.

Insert previews are added as received, this can be in either list form or picture form.

If you are interested in orders larger than what is listed, you can email me for bulk pricing and availability.  Please be patient as it might take us a day or two to get back to you and get you set up.

Shipping Dates are listed in each product description - If you purchase items with multiple shipping dates, all items are shipped on the last date listed.

Due to time sensativity, there are No returns if wrong items are ordered.

It does not happen often but in the event, we are not responsible for printing error by the paper.  All items are sold AS IS.

IF there is an unexpected shipping delay - notifications & updates are posted on the home page of the website.

Please also keep in mind that USPS does not always scan shipments when they receive them late day and give themselves up to 10 days on their 2-3 day flat rate priority mail.  Most orders are delivered timely.

Should your item arrive damaged we will provide you with the necessary information to file a claim with USPS.

Below is the general schedule for Preview Listings and Shipping. (subject to change, always look at each insert's shipping date for that specific week)

Multi Region Combo Packs are listed Mon/Tues for the next Monday/Tuesday Shipping. 
OH, NJ, MD, CA are listed Mon/Tues for shipping to begin by Fridays (earlier if available). 
PA, KS, MI are listed Thurs/Fridays for Monday shipping 
TX is listed Saturdays for Monday shipping
Other Regions as available.


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