About Us

Welcome to Capri's Coupons, our goal is to offer Whole Inserts at lower prices than most other sites on the web.  We offer a wide variety of regions to help you save cost in shipping.

We have several locations from which we ship orders.  We ship from many sites as we have a network of locations across the states that make it possible to obtain the best inserts and get them to you quickly.

With our service, you are paying for our time to find, sort/separate from newspapers, and ship the inserts. All coupons can be used in any state, anywhere that accepts coupons.  All inserts are available to ship the weekend they come out. There are NO refunds for incorrect item selection.

There are NO refunds/credits on lost, delayed or stolen mail/packages. The results achieved are understood to be solely your responsibility and are not contingent upon specific delivery date/day.  Should you have any of these problems, we will provide you with the necessary information to file a claim with USPS.


All questions should be emailed to capriservices09@gmail.com.